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Julia Bradbury ITV Best Walks With A View- Dorset

Julia Bradley Walks with a view. Dorset

Julia Bradbury ITV Best Walks With A View – The Dorset The Golden Cap Walk   Our stomping ground. Enjoyed the programme very much and we knew everyone Julia talked too, brilliant and well done all. You never know who you’re going to meet up with when walking our hills.
Dorset: The Golden Cap Walk episode 3….

Colmers Hill…and view from our kitchen window

Explore our unspoilt grounds, there may be cattle or sheep grazing the pastures. Hunt for sloes, wild damsons or hazelnuts in the hedgerows, harvest blackberries and enjoy the abundance of wildlife. Rabbits galore, sometimes deer, buzzards that soar the thermals above the valley, ducks that dive, listen for the woodpeckers and watch the tame geese who march to the lakes on their daily routine!

Today we’ve had a squirrel walk along the garden path, and great spotted woodpeckers on the bird feeder, two young deer walked across the valley, and Mr buzzard and 2 crows put on a lively aerial display. Busy day today!

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