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Charity workshop at Highway Farm making wreaths for Xmas

Another amazingly busy workshop making Xmas wreaths for charity at Highway Farm, Bridport.

Thank you so much to all the ladies, and to Barry, who bravely joined us. Thank you for coming and supporting our Highway Farm festive wreath-making weekend on the 6th December. It was busy and the sun shone!
We held 2 sessions and 55 people came with lots of greenery, conifers, ivy and bay, our garden shrubs had been raided together with baskets of baubles, ribbons, cones, much chatter, carols and cider punch, and a delicious non-alcoholic punch from Audrey. We had a raffle and prizes kindly given, people brought mince pies we warmed to munch and chocolate treats to share. I was very pleased as I sold a beautifully worked patchwork quilt that a guest had generously donated and my grand daughter Hannah joined us in the afternoon and produced a very lovely wreath all by herself.

The barn was alive and warm with the promise of Christmas coming….we Jingled bells!

Jingle Bells!

Jingle Bells!

Thank you to the helpers, Karen, Audrey and Jane, they made for a smooth running day, and to the Lin, Christine, Louise who came on Sunday to make more wreaths. Great to see regulars call and collect their orders, new people too, and such a gorgeous choice of colourful wreaths that were all beautifully made. Very well done everyone.
All the wreaths have been sold, just a couple more to make and one to deliver to Merriott…phew!

We’ve £1320 raised, and together with raffle money from Eype Makers Market I’m sending£1607 to Prostate Cancer which is just brilliant, thank you xx
We are not only raising money but also awareness for Prostate Cancer, and adding our support to the vital research into the improvement for men’s health. The sharing and support is so important and John and I really appreciate the continued help from everyone with our fund raising efforts.       http://prostatecanceruk.org/

It’s been fun as always!


Santa's helpers!

Santa’s helpers!
















We wish you a very Merry Christmas and we hope the New Year will bring you much happiness. Keep well, keep safe and enjoy yourselves. xx



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