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Charity Cookbook of my Decidedly Dorset Recipes

Dorset Recipes Cookbook

The Highway Farm Charity KISS Cookbook

Yummy Recipes From My Dorset B& B….by Pauline Bale.

The Kiss Cook Book launched the start of much fund raising at Highway Farm and we have supported various cancer charities, local charities and Malawi Projects.

Very chuffed that we have raised as at December 2018 £69,106.00

Price £5.00, p&p £2.00
Buy the Print Edition

Price 4.20 (from Amazon)
Buy the Kindle Edition

Buy Kindle Edition
KISS Cookbook Kindle Edition

The print edition will be mailed to you. Amazon Kindle edition is available via Amazon from the link above. (Cover is from Kindle version.)

The KISS Cook Book has been inspired by my lovely B& B guests. They have chivvied me into gathering together my breakfast specials and favourite tried and tested recipes. K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It So Simple and is full of really yummy and useful recipes made from ingredients that you will find in your cupboard. My aim is to provide good wholesome food from local produce, freshly served, in season when it tastes its best and with no waste . Clean plates transfers to happy people, simple but true and I love feeding people but don’t want to be in the kitchen all day!

All the funds from the Kindle Kiss Cook Book will go to Cancer Research UK.
See our charity page…
Thank you for your kindness and support.

Some of the recipes featured in the KISS Cookbook


The Highway Farm Charity KISS Cookbook contains over 35 yummy recipes from the heart of Dorset